Living with Epilepsy

People's experiences of living with epilepsy

Danni aged 15:

'Hello my name's Danielle and I'm 15 years old. I've had epilepsy since I was a baby; the hospital never could diagnose what caused my siezures as they seem to occur from several things that where not linked. Up till now I haven't told people about my epilepsy as I was scared that they would judge me for it. But now I realise that I shouldn't worry about what they think, as at the end of the day if they don't like me for who I am, then do I really want to be friends with them. I do many shows at school and the teacher who was organising it told me that I couldn't possibly do the school show due to my epilepsy despite having done over 15 shows before. So I stood up for myself and others who have epilepsy and from that day I've tried to do more things to educate others about it I have recently done a talk at school which went well.'

Sally-Anne aged 28:



My name is Sally-Anne and I am 28yrs old.  I was diagnosed with epliepsy aged 14 at christmas. It took them several years to get it fully under control. I attended the the epilepsy clinic at our local hospital and was under the care of  specialist Sister Sarah Goodman. It felt more like going to see a friend than going to the hospital.  I have been seizure free for 7 years now, I work as a Learning Support Assistant at the local college my epilpesy does not affect my life apart from remembering to take my medication however my husband Paul is very good at reminding me! I lead a full life including sports cricket, rugby and football. 

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